Speaking Out For Columbus

No More Ignored Neighborhoods

Bringing Attention & Opportunity

Columbus has way too many neighborhoods that not only suffer from neglect but are simply ignored. Unfortunately, they also tend to be mostly neighborhoods of color. They have crumbling infrastructures, are food deserts, lack access to health clinics, and have limited public transit service.

As a council member, I will help facilitate a citywide audit of our neighborhoods to determine what is needed. From there, I will work to ensure that those neighborhoods receive the attention they deserve by getting streets repaired, making groceries and other services more accessible, and making health clinic facilities more readily available. Columbus residents deserve better – no matter where they live, their skin color, or their status.


Solving Homelessness


It's Time for a Comprehensive Solution

As someone who was homeless, I have first-hand knowledge of what it’s like not to know where, or if I’d have a place to sleep, food to eat, or if I would even survive from day to day.

There is no valid reason for people to be homeless in a city as large and as prosperous as Columbus. We have space, resources, and ingenuity to create a real solution; one that is comprehensive and gets people off the streets and into real housing. A solution that helps people get work, an education, and successfully back on their feet.

I will bring my ideas to the table and work with business and community organizations to implement a complete program that will make Columbus the model for successfully addressing homelessness with dignity, care, and compassion.

Law Enforcement Reform

Real, Practical, and Urgently Needed

Racism at all levels of law enforcement is real. Out of control police unions are real. The residents of Columbus no longer have faith or trust in the people sworn to protect us – and that is just wrong.

Marc supports across-the-board changes to modernize and reform the Columbus Police Department.

  • Don't Defund the Police - rethink how law enforcement is funded. Starting with a comprehensive audit. Make sure taxpayer dollars are well spent
  • Modernize Training - specifically focusing on deescalation and crisis intervention. Shooting must be taught as a last resort.
  • Make Police Accountable - accountability starts within; good cops can not allow for bad cops. Even for the worst infractions, officers know they will not be disciplined.

Columbus Police Department needs to focus on community safety, not heavy handed enforcement.


Public Transportation


It Needs to be More than Just a Bus

Columbus is the largest city in the United States where the only public transportation option is a bus. While COTA is a good system, it’s not the long-term, reliable mode of public transportation that will support and promote our growing city. In order for Columbus and Central Ohio to successfully continue to grow, we need a system that combines bus, rail, and other alternatives to make it easier and more convenient for people to travel into, out of, and all around our city.

As someone raised on public transportation and who has lived in cities with first-class systems, I understand how vital a robust and reliable transit system needs to be for those living inside and outside the city, and I’ll bring my unique perspective and creativity to finally get Columbus the full transportation system needed to maximize our growth and minimize the need for cars.

Full Equality for All Residents

Councilmember for All of Columbus

We all know the Short North, German Village, and Clintonville. Easton and Westgate, Victorian and Italian Villages, Linden and the Hilltop, and, of course, OTE.

However, few people realize that Columbus extends as far north as Polaris, south to Scioto Downs and Rickenbacker Airport, west past Prairie Twp., and east to the border with Pataskala. Many of the residents who live there don’t even know they’re a part of Columbus. That’s because our government forgets them, and that is wrong.

Everyone deserves to feel a part of the opportunity city.