Marc Gofstein - On the Issues

Public Safety

We need real, comprehensive reform, and we need it NOW!

Ohio’s law enforcement officers face dangers every day and we need them committed to public safety, with the training and temperament to do their jobs effectively and impartially.

However, we cannot ignore the reality that systematic racism exists that has created genuine fear and lack of trust in our law enforcement – most notably within communities of color.

There’s a lot of talk with no real action.The time for talk is over, and I’m going to immediately start working to get comprehensive reform done.


I do not want to defund law enforcement; I want to completely rethink how law enforcement is funded. I want to ensure we fund training that prepares officers to handle tense, even violent situations, but emphasizes de-escalation, crisis intervention, and shooting as a last resort. I want them to have the best, most modern equipment, but not a military-sized arsenal. I want to fund programs for community safety, but redirect funding for drug abuse or mental health programs to agencies who specialize in those issues.

I will also fight to ensure officer accountability, which starts from within; good cops cannot allow for bad cops, and shouldn’t be punished for calling them out. I will continue to speak out against bad policing and will not shy away from confronting the problems that prevent law enforcement from fulfilling their mission of protecting and serving everyone with respect and dignity.

Women's Health & Reproductive Freedom

I am 100% pro-choice. Period! No woman should live in fear that control of their bodies will be subject to legislation.


When it comes to women's reproductive health, the decision needs to be between a woman and her doctor, not politicians or political ideology. As Representative, I will fight every day for a woman's reproductive rights, including readily accessible contraception and abortion.

Women’s health also means the ability to get the comprehensive medical procedures and resources that are vital to ensure physical and mental wellbeing, such as cancer screenings, health and wellness checks, and birth control. I will work to ensure every woman in Ohio gets unobstructed access to the services they need.

Fixing a Broken Infrastructure

Throughout Ohio, roads are crumbling, bridges are in disrepair, and ever increasing traffic is clogging our highways and polluting our air. But, unfortunately, when it comes to infrastructure, we've been reactive, not proactive. We need a statewide infrastructure that not only addresses our current problems but also looks to the future in planning for now.

I will sit down with residents, city leaders, and ODOT to help create a real plan that not only helps with the large-scale repairs needed now but also produces a collaborative solution to what Ohio needs in both the near and long-term future.


Voting Access and Protections

The 2020 elections were fair, honest, and free from tampering. Our own Republican Secretary of State, Frankl LaRose, verified that the election results were correct. In addition, judges – both Republican and Democrat – agreed and threw out dozens of frivolous lawsuits claiming otherwise.


I will introduce legislation for voters to register for a permanent absentee ballot, automatically sending them a mail-in ballot without requesting one every election. In addition, I will push legislation to eliminate the need to provide a reason for getting an absentee ballot; if you want to vote by mail, you shouldn’t need a reason.

Republicans want to take away voting rights and accessibility, but, as State Representative, I will push to strengthen voting rights and expand voters' access to the ballot box.

The right to vote is sacred, and I want to ensure everyone has more access, not less.

LGBTQ Civil Rights and Protections.

The LGBTQ community is under constant attack by extremists who use religion and prejudice to justify denying LGBTQ people their constitutional rights to fair and equitable treatment under the law.

Ohio needs the Ohio Fairness Act, which will prevent discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodation. As State Representative and openly gay man, I will call upon my over 30 years of experience fighting for LGBTQ equality and work local and statewide organizations to show that the Ohio Fairness Act is best for all who call Ohio home.

I will also be able to give first-hand testimony to the need for this law so that Ohio's nearly 700,000 LGBTQ residents can feel safe from discrimination based solely on who they are and who they love.


Gun Safety

The 2nd Amendment is not under attack, and the government is not trying to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. However, the ability to purchase guns needs to happen in the same manner as getting a driver's license. I will push regulation that require anyone wanting to purchase a gun to get tested, and demonstrate the ability to properly and legally use a firearm.


The United States Constitution specifically calls for regulation, and 90% of the public demand action. Therefore, as State Representative, I will make fighting for common-sense regulations a top priority. These regulations include:

  • Support for reinstatement of the Brady Bill – to impose a mandatory waiting period for the purchase of a firearm, and eliminate the gun show exception.
  • Support for reinstatement of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which banned the making, selling and owning of semi-automatic weapons, and the selling and owning of high-capacity magazines.